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Finally a Dependable, Customized, Private Aviation Company Built by Owners, for Owners
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At Lynk Air we’ve taken a exclusive approach to your jet & your  travel.

Imagine your plane, the way you want it, when you want it-the smells, the touch, the look as if you're the only one to ever use it. 


Most Part-135 aviation companies don't deliver that. Some don't even have a true 135 certificate. They simply want to charter your plane non-stop.


Lynk Air is high-touch for your exclusive experience. We're like you: owners who love our jets, need one person to call, want an app to see the details, need total transparency and will pay for unparalleled service.  

We provide you with a local team you know and trust, pilots you can call family and a local private jet terminal to serve you. 

We've spent over 40 years as owners and have built what no-one else has: an owner's first private aviation company that's thriving.


Owners want an easy button. Lynk Air delivers.

At Lynk Air we know owners because we are owners. And because of that we give you a Personal Manager to work with on accounting, scheduling and maintenance.  It's like having a member of your private team who's there with you and for you. 


Unlike most private aviation companies we use the latest technology to make ownership simple by delivering it straight from your phone. 


  • Schedule your flights - easy.

  • Charter your plane to make back revenue - easy.

  • View upcoming maintenance - easy.

  • Check an invoice and pay - easy.



You decide if it's chartered or not. Either way, it's spotless when you need it.

Most owners are hesitant to charter their plane under Part-135 because it's a hassle.  We get it. 

But that's why we built charter revenue with owners in mind.

Your private jet comes back clean every time and is only scheduled if and when you want it. 


With the built-in demand from the Jet Card and Private Jet Oneways you have a guaranteed stream of revenue that you control. Our charter business is exclusive and so we pay you better than most. We set the hourly revenue paid to you as well as fuel cost per gallon on all revenue flights.

Put your asset to work for you, and generate income when you’re not using your private jet. 



At Lynk Air we’ve got inventory & fractional ownership that others don't.

According to McKinsey, nearly 80% of the people who could fly private don't.  We want you to try it if you're one of them!

As owners for over 40 years, we've seen and experienced it all, and that includes the problems.  Don't let trendy jet programs who only want to charter, convince you how to spend on one of the largest investments of your life. 

Because we're so well connected, we have inventory that other brokers don't.  We're certified and can help you find that G600.  Or buy fractionally and our My-Jet program lets you fly for a portion of the cost. 




Customized, comprehensive, transparent maintenance with no surprises.

When it comes to maintenance for your aircraft, the focus is safety with transparency.  Jet owners are tired of not knowing when and why. 

When you have a Lynk Personal Manager we'll give you a better maintenance experience than you're used to.  We'll develop a customized plan with you and stick to that plan.  Routine maintenance will be scheduled around your plan with no surprises.


For unexpected issues, we'll communicate early and often. And if you need a replacement jet for that important meeting, we'll arrange that too. 

Using state-of-the-art software we'll add your aircraft to our maintenance tracking system which is used to track more than 4,500 aircraft nationwide and supports more than 180 different aircraft makes and models.

We use every available resource to keep your private jet air-ready and avoid OAG. Our exclusive and best-in-business, full-time staff of technicians track and perform much of the regularly scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in-house. The larger, less frequent inspections that require weeks of downtime and added personnel are performed in partnership with industry-trusted maintenance facilities.


My flight, my way. 

Yes, we're owners. But we're also pilots, captains and Military veterans which means we know how to fly and we know how you want to fly.  

Your pilot is personal and like family. You'll get to select them with us as we bring your plane into our private jet company. 

As pilots we personally guarantee an amazing, exclusive experience that you'll never forget each time walk in to feel that soft carpet underneath, sink into that plush leather chair and taste the wine and charcuterie we've set out just for you. 

Whether it's your first private jet flight or your thousandth we are simply above the rest. 



Building a private jet company by owners, for owners wasn't easy.

We're like you.  We love jets, we love flying and after hundreds of bad experiences we realized we could do it better.  And we're honored to have you join our mission.

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