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Flight. It’s been a dream of humankind for thousands of years. From the earliest flying machines to the most advanced hypersonic jets, humans have been yearning to take to the skies for generations.


Chris Taylor’s dreams of flying started so young that he was in the pilot seat by the time he was 12 years old … and hasn’t left it since.  

Sure, he’s had other careers—ranging from energy manager to research scientist, university instructor, and Naval Officer. But through them all, he’s maintained his love for flying.


In fact, during his career in the Navy, he was a tactical jet pilot for 14 years, which included more than 500 aircraft carrier landings. He also earned every Navy pilot qualification from maintenance to instruction and safety.


What’s more, Chris and his wife, Helen, love Whidbey Island! When Chris first visited the island in 1992, he fell in love with the community, the people, and the remote island lifestyle. But when Chris and Helen first moved to the island full time in 2009, they realized the remote island lifestyle is sometimes a challenge when trying to go somewhere—almost anywhere, really.


When they first visited, there was a friendly little commuter airline shuttling islanders to Sea-Tac, but when they returned in 2009, the airline was no longer in service. Chris and Helen immediately recognized an opportunity to marry two of their passions—Whidbey Island and flight. Reducing the 3-to-4-hour drive to Sea-Tac to a mere 20-minute commuter flight, and providing opportunities for islanders to charter flights to unique destinations, enables the Taylors to provide a valuable service to islanders—and an attractive tourism option for clients visiting the island.


For the past two years, the Taylors have been working diligently to obtain all the qualifications required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to launch a commercial airline. The extensive process ensures that Lynk Air’s passengers are safe. And Chris’ aviation background—including roles as a Safety Technician, Maintenance Officer, Flight Operations Officer, Program Manager, and Chief Pilot—provide peace of mind to clients. Passengers are in good hands, as endorsed by Chris’ Airline Transport Pilot rating, the FAA’s highest rating.

With the old adage “find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” rattling around in their minds, the Taylors are proud to make Lynk Air available to Whidbey Islanders to feel safe, special, and relaxed. Lynk Air turns a dreaded, lengthy trip to the airport into a fun, convenient experience. And, if you have dreams of flying to the wine country or a remote golf destination, ask about our charter service.


Lynk Air. Connecting small communities to the world. 

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