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Captain Chris Taylor started flying at the age of 12 with his father, who encouraged his love for flying from the very beginning. Chris loved flying so much that he went on to fly as a tactical jet pilot in the navy for 14 years. Captain Taylor has continued flying his entire life with passion and dedication. And he is passing his knowledge and skills to his daughter, who is now learning how to fly.  

In the span of his career, Captain Taylor has:


  • Fourteen years as a Navy tactical jet pilot.  

  • Over 500 aircraft carrier landings. 

  • Airline Transport Pilot rated—FAA’s highest rating. 

  • Obtained every qualification the Navy offered to pilots, including:  

  • Flight instructor. 

  • Instrument flight instructor. 

  • Chief pilot. 

  • Safety officer. 

  • Operations officer. 

  • Maintenance officer. 

  • Over 500 hours of training in the flight simulator.  

  • Perfect flight and safety record throughout his entire career. 

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